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Artist Bio

Artist Photo Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson

Design Specialist & Contractor

Born in Washington DC; lives & works in Maryland


His distinct artistic style has derived from his exposure to to a variety of cultures and lifestyles which jumpstarted his artistic journey at the age of 11 in boarding school.


Evan uses his brand, Glass of Water Art, as a vessel to express his artistic vision by creating art with a challenging outside the box perspective. Handcrafted to ensure the highest quality, each piece is first hand drawn and offers a different perspective of depth that molds and adapts into many shapes and forms. Every day, Evan continues to pursue his passion through various mediums producing each piece with genuine and organic workmanship. These pieces range from woodcraft pieces, signage and decor. Through the pursuit of his passion, Evan desires to help people discover their purpose, passion, and calling beginning at where they are in life.


West Virginia University Alumni

CNC CAD Milling


202 Creates


DMV League Of Artists

Exhibitions & Festivals

2015-2019 Hyattsville Arts & Ales

2017 Artomatic

2017 Artscape

2018 Crafty Bastards

2016-2019 H Street Festival

Art All Night

Pancakes & Booze

Petworth Festival


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